Seed Pod Lamps

The Upper Division classes cut, drilled, and soldered blocks of wood and seed pods into beautiful lamps!  They are battery powered and really light up.  The students creatively made their own switches and placed their lights strategically in order to create dramatic effects.  The result is a roomful of masterfully crafted, brilliant lamps.


Josie Cerbone

Former MHS architecture student, Josie Cerbone, visited us this past Friday, March 10. She is currently a student in the Northeastern Architecture Program. She showed us her first semester projects as well as her portfolio. Josie gave us a lot of insight into college architecture programs. We loved having her come visit us and cannot wait for her to return with her models!!

Architecture Party

cam01289We had a killer holiday party in architecture class right before winter break!  Balloon animals and lots of food gave life to the party.  We had a competition to see who could make the best balloon sword, and someone made a balloon giraffe.  All in all,  the party was a great way to transition into winter break.